Have you ever wondered why New Zealand has so many earthquakes and what causes them? What really happened during the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes? Then find all about it in Earthquakes! Shaking New Zealand; a companion to Eruption! Discovering New Zealand Volcanoes. You’ll find all those questions answered, as well as the shake-down on earth’s scars, subduction zones and faults across New Zealand. You’ll be able to identify earthquake hazards and know what to do if caught in one, as well as how to recover afterwards. You’ll also read about why other countries suffer earthquakes including Australia. Throughout the book you’ll see a timeline of earthquakes that have occurred in New Zealand and around the world since they’ve ever been recorded. A comprehensive book on earthquakes, filled with photographs, interesting graphics, facts and figures, and QuakeVid links.


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Sample - Earthquakes!

Sample page - Abel Tasman

Sample - Earthquakes!

Sample page - Abel Tasman

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Journal Note

Seven years ago, early in 2011, I pitched to New Holland a book about earthquakes – they asked me to write a book on volcanoes instead. ‘Eruption! Discovering New Zealand Volcanoes was released in 2012 and reprinted several times (and still in print). Three major earthquakes later, New Holland asked if I’d write a book about earthquakes. I worked throughout the Christmas holidays to get it finished in time, asking three experts to check it. (One of the experts turned out to be a world expert on the subject!)

Like the volcano book, I have a character narrating some text boxes – this time Rūaumoko, the Māori God of earthquakes and volcanoes helps us out. Marco Ivancic drew a fantastic image for the book.

I worked closely with the designer to get the look that would make it as visually appealing to kids as possible. It’s also interactive, young readers can figure out what type of earthquake from symbols, follow the QuakeVid key words to find videos, and answer a tongue-in-cheek multi-choice question about what to do if caught in an earthquake.

In 2013, I experienced the Seddon earthquake so know just how scary they can be. I’m hoping kids will find the book fun, interesting and it’ll be helpful if they’re ever caught in an earthquake.

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