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NZ Disasters

NZ Disasters

Our response, resilience and recovery....

Ice Breaker


An Epic Antarctic Adventure....

On the Brink

On the Brink

Discover New Zealand's Most Endangered Species....


Kate Sheppard

Leading the way for Women....



Find out what might be shaking your world....

Toroa's Journey

'Toroa's Journey'

Track Toroa's trip to Sth America. Will he survive the dangers and return to NZ?....

Abel Tasman

'Abel Tasman - Mapping the Southern Lands'

Join Abel Tasman on his voyage to Tasmania, NZ, and Tonga.....

ANZAC Animals

Anzac Animals Read the heart-warming tales about the animals that went to war...

ANZAC Heroes

'ANZAC Heroes'
The intense and hair-raising front-line experiences of 30 courageous and unforgettable Anzacs....

NZ Sports Hall of Fame

'New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame'
Lots of NZ sports people are WORLD champions, superstars of their time....

NZ Hall of Fame

'New Zealand Hall of Fame'
50 famous New Zealanders, legends of their time....


'Find Out! Volcanoes'

Find out all you've ever wanted to know about volcanoes. Over 200 images....


'Rangitoto: Te Toka tu moana, the rock standing in the ocean'
Discover Rangitoto's volcanic past and its wildlife's struggle to survive!


Discovering New Zealand Volcanoes....

Maui's Dolphin

'The Last of Maui's Dolphin'
Hiriwa has lost his three friends. Have they been caught by the dark shapes? Can he save them in time?...

Operation Nest Egg

'Operation Nest Egg Chick: Saving New Zealand's Kiwi'
Find out how Kiwis are saving kiwi....
eBook version

Call of the Kokako

'The Call of the Kokako'
Find out how the remarkable New Zealand wattlebird is being saved from extinction....

ANZAC Heroes

'Running the Country'
How does Parliament work?
What do MPs do?
What rights do you have as a citizen?....

Save our Seas

'Save Our Seas'
Join Skipper on board the Albatross vessel, as he travels around
New Zealand....


'Eco-Rangers Save the Planet'
In Eco-Rangers Save the Planet we've prepared 12 missions for you, your mates and school friends....

Bird's Eye View

'Bird's-Eye View: Through the eyes of New Zealand Birds'
Discover how New Zealand birds use their vision and other senses to survive....

Dogs on the Job

'Dogs on the Job'
Meet dogs doing search and rescue, fielding sheep to giving cuddles in rest homes, to guarding aeroplanes - dogs on the job...