The day war broke out on 8 August 1914, Endurance slipped its mooring and sailed for South America. The crew were about to make history – traversing the Antarctic continent for the very first time. But instead, their ship became stuck in the ice and later sunk. The expedition had become a fight for survival.

This is the true nailbiting story of how the exceptional sailing and navigation skills of New Zealander Captain Frank Worsley and the legendary leadership skills of Sir Ernest Shackleton guided the crew along icebergs across wild and dangerous seas to two sub-Antarctic islands.

This captivating survival story combines Maria Gill’s action-packed writing with Alistair Hughes’ stunning watercolour illustrations in this epic polar adventure.

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Journal Note

One of the best adventure stories I’ve ever read was Frank Worsley’s account of how he and Sir Ernest Shackleton saved their crew after the ship Endurance became stuck in the ice. However, most stories you will read about this epic Antarctic adventure only give credence to Irishman Sir Ernest Shackleton. But without Frank Worsley’s incredible navigation and sailing skills they wouldn’t have made it to South Georgia Island.

This is Frank Worsley’s side of the story told in creative non-fiction style.

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