Discover our most threatened animals in New Zealand. From the beautiful forest ringlet butterfly to the down-right ugly southern elephant seal, the cheeky kākāpō to the super-sensory-powered ambush hunters the great white sharks. Every one of the unique species in our waters and on our land is threatened by predators, land changes, pollution, and other human-induced disturbances. As well as finding out how unique these animals are, you’ll read what is harming them, and most importantly what we can do to help them.


"On the brink is a well-researched non-fiction children’s book about the dangers of extinction for many different New Zealand species…" From 'Book trailers 4 Kids and YA' more...

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Moa Moa

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Journal Note

I pitched the idea for this book to New Holland a few years ago, but the timing wasn’t right. When New Holland’s current editor asked if I had any ideas for another non-fiction book, I suggested On the Brink, and they said yes. While writing it, I was alarmed at how low the population numbers were for some of the species. There are less than 45 New Zealand fairy terns, 93 black stilts, 150 orange-fronted parakeets, 160 kākāpō and 150-200 Chatham Island tāiko – and that’s only the birds.

The book features the top five most endangered birds; marine mammals; reptiles, frogs and bats; fish; and insects. Terry Fitzgibbon illustrated each animal with his hyper-realistic images. Readers can find out who is helping these endangered species and what they can do to save them before they become extinct. Because EXTINCTION is forever and I know many New Zealanders don’t want their demise on their watch.

Thanks to all the experts from the Department of Conservation, NIWA, Professor Elisabeth Slooten, Wildlife Consultants Ltd, and other experts for their expertise.

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