Follow the story of a kiwi chick laid in the wild but raised by a Kiwi Centre. Will it survive the predators? What programme is helping it? And why is the kiwi so important? A creative non-fiction story written and illustrated by best-selling author Maria Gill and award winning illustrator Bruce Potter.

The book educates children about what is being done to save kiwi, as well as entertaining them with a heartrending tale. It explains the Operation Nest Egg programme, as well as giving suggestions what you can do to help.

Available as a printed book and an e-book. On the e-book, listen to the audios and videos, press the drop-down fact boxes and photographs, play the game and draw a kiwi. The first of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Author Maria Gill writes children's non-fiction books specialising in environmental books. She has written over 40 books for children and adults. When she's not writing she helps release kiwi chicks on Motuora Island from September through to March every year.

Illustrator Bruce Potter has illustrated over 100 children's books including Joy Cowley's book 'Manukura: The little white kiwi'.

ISBN: 978-0-473-28404-6
RRP: $24.99
Publishers: Long White Cloud Books
and Bruce Potter
Illustrator: Bruce Potter

ISBN: 978-0-473-26124-5 Ebook
RRP: $16.00
Publisher: Pixelbook Digital Publishing
Illustrator: Bruce Potter

$1 from every Ebook sale goes towards Kiwi for Kiwi Trust

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Journal Note

In 2005 I wrote a children's non-fiction book called Operation Nest Egg: Saving New Zealand's Kiwi. Reed Publishing released it in 2006 and it stayed in print for several years until all the copies sold out.

Not long after the books release, Department of Conservation advertised for a volunteer to co-ordinate the kiwi releases on Motuora Island. Sometimes when you write a book you realise you don't just want to write about it – you want to give something back too.

I phoned Liz at DOC and told her I'd do it. Since then, from September through to February once a week I organise the boat, who will go on the trip, check that everyone has observed the safety regulations, give the talk on the island, and then help release the three week chick into a burrow. I've loved the work.

In 2012, I realised it was time to update my children's book but this time I wanted to include a story about how a kiwi chick is raised in the Operation Nest Egg programme.

When Steve and Ange approached me from Pixel Book to publish some children's non-fiction e-books I knew it was the best format for this children's book. The reader can enjoy the story but also learn about the programme saving the kiwi; facts about the kiwi itself, the sanctuaries, kiwi centres, and where you can see them.

We've included video footage of a kiwi chick release and at the end children' can play a game of catching the predators and setting free the kiwi. Bruce Potter's life-like artwork is exceptional.

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