Meet Nigel No-Mates, the lovesick gannet; Paddles, the cat with extra toes; Henry, the tuatara that became a first-time dad at 111 years old; and Migaloo, a rare white whale.

These are just some of the remarkable, real-life characters that have inspired this quirky and curious collection of 28 true animal tales from New Zealand and Australia, brought to life in Beautiful and vivid details with more than 80 watercolour paintings and over 30 photographs.

Animal lovers will treasure these tales that celebrate our furry, feathered, four-footed and fishy friends.

Includes fascinating facts about wildlife hospitals and Sanctuaries.

Sample - The Kokako

Sample page - Remarkable Creatures

Sample - Migaloo

Sample page - Remarkable Creatures

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Journal Note

Over the years, I’ve collected a few animal stories that I planned to do something with one day. Then one morning I woke up with the idea of putting them altogether in one book. I was so excited I sent two publishers the proposal and Scholastic’s publishing manager Lynette Evans came back several days later with a YES! An Agreement was sent that afternoon and signed and sent back that evening.

The New Zealand stories were easy to write, I whipped through them first. When I was ready to find Australian stories, wildlife centres were in the midst of terrible wildfires. They were too busy saving their precious animals. But I persevered, finding delightful stories from all over Australia.

My goal was to find a wide mix of animals. As well as the much-loved native animals I wanted quirky farm animal and pet stories as well. I fell in love with Pebbles the cuddly wombat; Lulu the homesick kangaroo; Gus the dog-cat; and Einstein the attention-seeking camel and others from Australia. From New Zealand I adored Nigel, the love-sick gannet; Rob, the unlucky in love Albatross; Tumbles the caring Takahē, and Henry the grumpy tuatara and others. I’m sure you’ll fall for them, too.

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