I write children’s books, educational resources and freelance articles. Some of my titles include: 'ANZAC Heroes', 'New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame', 'The Last of Maui's Dolphin', 'Operation Nest Egg Chick', 'Running the Country!', 'Eruption!', 'The Call of the Kokako', 'New Zealand Hall of Fame', 'Rangitoto', 'The Rock Standing in the Ocean', 'Save Our Seas', 'Eco-rangers Save the Planet', 'Dogs on the Job', 'Operation Nest Egg', 'Bird's-eye View'.

I also give author talks and workshops to students and teachers.

You can read Lorraine Orman and my KidsBooksNZ blog to read reviews on New Zealand children's books or go to my blog MariaGillnz to read the latest news.

You can buy my books from your local bookstore or purchase them from me. Click HERE now to see availability and prices.

Just released: ANZAC Heroes - a fascinating book on 30 Australian and New Zealand most decorated soldiers, sailors, airmen, spies and medics across WWI and WWII.