Welcome to the online shop!

You can purchase any of my books directly from me the author or find them at your local book store. On the Contacts Page is a list of recommended book stores. If you decide to purchase from me I can sign the book and include a dedication if you wish.

Because Shipping costs are constantly changing it is easier for me to give you a quote when you purchase. To give you an estimate, one New Zealand book costs between $7-8 to ship. If you have multiple books, it’s around $12-15. For Australia it is approximately $15-20, and for other countries about NZ$25. It depends on the weight and size of book(s).

How to purchase? Click on the cart and type how many books you wish to purchase and when you have finished go to checkout. It will then send me an email of your intention to purchase and I’ll send you an email back, giving you a quote for postage and tell you how you can pay for the book. At this stage, you can let me know if you want a personalised dedication. Once payment has gone through, I’ll send you the signed book(s).

I give discounts to schools if you are purchasing multiple copies.

Thank you for ordering my books!



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